Foundry with quality in the centrifugally technique

In Cerinox, after a great effort in research and collaboration with other foreign and national companies, we are able to offer, using centrifugally casting process, products with many applications.

Developments in process engineering have been carried increments in the working temperatures and pressure.

Practice has shown that the tubes produced by the centrifugation process are better able to withstand the increasingly stringent working conditions.

The high quality of our centrifugally spun tubes, as well as their adaptation to the needs of different industries, are possible thanks to a rigorous work process that ensures the best solutions.

  • Casting

    Casting material according customer specifications

  • Centrifuged

    Following working procedures and quality control

  • Cooling

    Natural cooling to avoid defects

  • Heat treatment

    According standards or specifications

  • Finished

    To minimize the surface roughness

Cerinox provides centrifuged tubes in a wide variety of materials and qualities:

Stainless Steel

Specification Equivalent
GX-5 Cr Ni  ASTM A351 Grade CF-8
GX-12 Cr  ASTM A351 Grade CA
GX-5 Cr Mo  ASTM A351 Grade CF-
GX-2 Cr Mo  ASTM A351 Grade CF- 3M
Duplex 1.4462-1.4470  —-
Superduplex A 890  —-
Refractory steel

Specification Equivalent
GX-40 Cr Ni Si 25.12  ASTM A297 HH
GX-40 Cr Ni Si 25.20  ASTM A297 HK
GX-35 Ni Cr Si 37.17 ASTM A297 HU
GX-45 Cr Si 29  ASTM A297 HC
Carbon Steel and alloys
Specification Equivalent
GS-45  ASTM A27 Grade 65-35
GS-60   —-
GS-25  ASTM A216 WCA
GS-20 Mn 5  ASTM A216 WCC
GS-42 Cr Mo 4    —-
GS-15 Ni Mo Cr 3.6    —-
GS-24 Mn 6 SEW 520
GS-30 Cr Mo V6-4 SEW 515
GS-22 Ni Mo Cr 5-6 SEW 520
GS-25 Cr Mo 4 ASTM A752 Grade 41-30

Advantages of Cerinox´s centrifugally spun tubes:

Material cost savings

Quality assurance required by the customer

Production in a variety of measures

We focus on the satisfaction of our customers’ needs