Technology and investigation applied to the steel castings

Our investment in research and development allow us to obtain differents alloys steels which are related to extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and abrasive atmospheres, obtaining an excellent performance of the parts made.

Cerinox manufacture steel products adapted to different industrial sectors:

Acerías y siderurgias de CERINOX

Steelworks & Steel Industry

We manufacture pieces in refractory steelwith a huge resistance to high temperatures.

Our experience is focused on making special pieces for::

  • Preheat treatment furnaces
  • Continuous kiln
  • Heat treatment furnaces

Heat treatment industry

Due to our modern process of production, we obtain refractory steel resistant to hig temperatures for applications in:

  • Support plates
  • Chains for moving loads
  • Furnaces rail guides
  • Rollers for moving loads
  • Radiant tubes
  • Continuous retort for treating
  • Load supports
Industria de tratamiento térmico de CERINOX
Petroquímicas y refinerías de CERINOX

Refinery and Petrochemical Industry

Our high temperatures resistant refractory steels, enable us to offer products in for refineries and petrochemical industry, especially for use in cracking furnaces, such as:

Cement Industry

The alloys steel and refractory steel we produce, allow us to offer products adjusted to the extreme conditions of temperatures and resistance needed in the cement industry, susch as:

  • Steel furnaces segments
  • Cooler plates
Cementeras de CERINOX

In Cerinox we manufacture castings, in different qualities, to meet your needs:

  • Specials steels
  • Refractory steels
  • Stainless steels
  • High alloys steel
  • Alloy steels

Our competitive advantages in castings:

  • Different grades and alloys
  • Production flexibility
  • High strength